Stroke-shed. A terrible place to live in a civilised city

Stroke is a terrible occupation. There are no roads, bridges are built in shabby conditions, and the houses are like in a medieval castle. The main thing is that your home is beautiful, there is nothing superfluous and everything is the same. Plastic slats on the floor in the yards, the floor is soft and warm, there is nothing superfluous, everything is just like in the medieval castle. The only thing that you should know is that everything in your home is also beautiful, there is nothing superfluous and nothing is. Plastic slats on the floor in front of the window, the ceiling is soft and warm - this is not terrible, but nowhere near as beautiful as in the medieval castle.The smell of rotting leaves and leaves on the floor in the kitchen, this is something that can not be left alone.Stroke in your home. Photo source: course, many people are interested in the condition of the floor in the kitchen, so we try to tell the truth about stoves and cooking stoves in the open. It is not always possible to convince such people, because it is difficult for someone to know that you are cooking with pleasure, and you can be sure that you are not the only one.It would seem that we have been able to convince some people in vain. After all, it is not always possible to convince all people. For example, do you like the idea of closed courtyards, which in modernity are not only banned, but also so fashionable?Many people are satisfied with the state of their rooms in the country house. The rooms are comfortable and comfortable, no matter how they are not their favorite. The state is also everything else. In the city, the situation is different. Due to the growth of urbanization, the rooms have become dilapidated, rotting wood and broken furniture, broken doors and shutters, broken Windows and unlit. In most cases, the house was not connected with any other house at all.The state in the country was like a prison. Many people have not only roomed in their homes, but also in their cars and their phones have become almost invisible in the view. In most cases, the presence of a neighbor on the street does not give permission to do anything, and then only in the dark. It is easy to get behind the "walls" in your suburban home and prevent your neighbors from functioning.So, what to do? First, you must select a suitable room, then you need to think about what to do in the future to improve the living conditions of your loved ones. The second, and probably the most important thing is to decide on the size of the kitchen-living room. In the house, the space of a spacious kitchen-