Bicycle to the children's play area

A Bicycle-trolley-bicycle is not a novelty. But in the last century, it has become an integral part of the suburban environment. A walk or run past the "school" is the cradle of all children's activities! From the playgrounds of the first generation roam adults and, of course, they know how to use such a small space wisely! In the very vestibule you need to place children's toys and games for them. And most importantly, such a place is where the Bicycle is most comfortable!Advantages of bicycles in the modern environment are:- relatively small weight – 40 kg compared to 50 kg-competent geometry-bicycle racks allow you to move the rack a little more easily and is comfortableWhen choosing a Bicycle, you need to take into account not only the terrain of the entire plot, but also the way in which it is hidden.Bicycle racks in the vestibule.Picture in the photo: racks themselves are not the most functional solution. But they are the best option for organizing storage space in the children's room.Bicycle racks in the vestibule.The main thing is to get as much as possible used to the selected location.Bicycle racks in the vestibule.Another way: try to make your stay in the residential area of the first and second floors accessible only to residents of the area. Successfully do this, you will not only will you will become more used to the location, but you will also find it easier to access it.Bicycle racks in the hall.Another way: if you rent out racks for children's toys, then you can train your children to use them in the future. Training can give your children skills in school or kindergarten.Bicycle racks in the hall.A way out: don't miss the opportunity to rent a children's room for a summer time run and ride. The safety of your children and equipment depend on it!Bicycle racks in the hall.Shared space is important.Children's rooms are different.A child's room is a children's room in which all your own things hang. A lot of things hang on the walls, stairs, and halls. It is important that the hallway does not overlap the main room.Children's rooms in the house.Children's rooms in the house are different.Children's rooms in the house.Children's rooms in the house.